FLEX is the world’s leading bodybuilding magazine, consistently beating its competition in overall circulation and advertising pages. FLEX continues to be the trainer of champions and the professional bodybuilder’s bible because it offers the most precise and authoritative guide to muscle development and nutritional supplementation. In addition to cutting edge science and research, FLEX also provides its readers with all of the latest news, views and gossip… and the perfect environment for your advertising message.

FLEX dominates

FLEX is on the scene at professional bodybuilding events, providing in-depth coverage of industry news as well as the kind of cutting edge information on diet, nutrition and muscle growth that readers demand. FLEX delivers state-of-the-art strategies used by champion bodybuilders to further develop their title-winning physiques.

In addition, readers count on FLEX for cutting-edge news, research, contest updates, informative and inspirational views and a behind-the-scenes view of everything that goes on in the sport of bodybuilding today.

FLEX has dedicated readers

From amateur enthusiasts to the world’s foremost bodybuilding champions, FLEX readers are dedicated athletes who believe in their magazine. FLEX is published in nine international editions and reaches an identified audience of nearly 700,000 enthusiasts worldwide. According to a recent US on-line survey, a staggering 71% of FLEX readers take time to read the magazine from cover to cover, spending an average of 73 minutes on each issue.

FLEX is the 0fficial IFBB magazine

As the official magazine to the International Federation of Bodybuilders, FLEX is the ultimate brand name for serious bodybuilders with goals of competing at the highest level.

FLEX is the voice of champions

FLEX has unrivalled access to champions – at the gyms, at contests and in their homes. FLEX is the only bodybuilding magazine the champions themselves read, because they know how much they can learn from their fellow competitors.

FLEX has trusted advertisers

Advertisers in FLEX are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of bodybuilding nutrients, supplements and training essentials.