The road back for the Health brands has been made possible by an incredibly hard working team, and it feels great to finally be in a position to be launching back into the Australian market, leading the way for the global network.

2020 has allowed the teams to upskill, explore professionally and grow creatively. We couldn’t be more excited to bring those new ideas and possibilities and apply them to Men’s Health through creative partnerships, exciting new brand properties and innovative ways to connect with our audience.

In the 6 months since MH has been on shelves, we’ve seen cultural shifts that have change the world forever. The world is a very different place, in many ways for the better, and access to credible and premium Health content for all is more relevant than it has ever been. It’s an extremely exciting time to be re-entering the market with a our core team near-intact and fully reinvigorated, feeling supported and set up to unleash unprecedented brand growth.

Men's Health